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Cosmic Tentacles

This page is dedicated to the tentacles off-shoots from Cosmic Trigger Play – subprojects, collaborations,  related events, and YOUR pulling of the Cosmic Trigger (so send us your links).

Festival 23

An interactive celebration of literature and the arts, of theatre, playshops and music inspired by the Discordian movement; a society of philosophers, theologians, magicians, scientists, artists, clowns and similar maniacs who are intrigued with Eris, Goddess of Confusion, and with her doings.

Inspired by Cosmic Trigger Play and associated Find The Other’s conferestival. Inaugural event 22-24 July 2016.  http://festival23.org.uk/

The Oneiric Archives

Dreams recorded by Kate Genevieve from the gathered seekers at Cosmic Trigger Play 2014, and drawn by Will Scobiehttp://oneiricarchives.tumblr.com/