Oliver Senton as Robert Anton Wilson , taken by Andrew AB


2017 Shows


Boing Boing, 27/06/17: A review of Cosmic Trigger

Super Weird Substance, 28/05/17: Redefining Reality: Cosmic Trigger Play

The Guardian, 10/05/17: Cosmic Trigger: Ken Campbell’s daughter captures Illuminatus! spirit in trippy epic

International Times, 09/05/17: THE i IN THE APPLE

The Stage, 08/05/17: Cosmic Trigger review 4/5

Broadway World, 06/05/17: Cosmic Trigger review 4/5

The Up Coming, 06/05/17: Cosmic Trigger review 5/5

London City Nights, 05/05/17: Cosmic Trigger review 5/5

The Psychedelic Detective Agency, audio podcast #35:
Nothing Is True, Everything Is Permitted 5/5

In The News

The Times, 05/05/17: Daisy Campbell: ‘My father was an overpowering, goading godlike being in my life’

Mookychick, 23/04/17: Okay. The Cosmic Trigger Play. What do you need to know?

Love London Love Culture, 10/04/17:
PREVIEW Cosmic Trigger, Cockpit Theatre

The Odditorium, podcast episode 34, 09/02/17: Gastromancy with Daisy Campbell

RAWIllumination, 10/10/16:
Daisy Eris Campbell on Cosmic Trigger, the Play


2014 Shows


Liverpool Confidential, 24/11/14: Cosmic Trigger

Nerve, 25/11/14: Cosmic Trigger Experience

Psy Press, 25/11/14: Cosmic Trigger – the play!

Fortean Times #323: Cosmic Trigger Experience

Greg Wilson, 26/11/14: Cosmic Trigger Weekend

Ransom Note, 28/11/14: Pulling The Cosmic Trigger

Peter Chrisp, 22/11/14: Pulling the Cosmic Trigger 1-3

Sequart, 07/12/14: Cosmic Trigger The Play

Michael Brunström, 26/11/14: Cosmic Trigger

Waiting for Godden, 25/11/14: Cosmic Trigger Play

Beccy Strong, 25/11/14: Cosmic Trigger Play

Nerve, 23/02/14: Time to pull the Cosmic Trigger?

The Daily Grail, 01/03/14: Pulling The Cosmic Trigger

Liverpool Confidential, 24/02/2014:
Magic, mayhem and Mu Mu on Mathew Street

In The News

John Higgs, 25/11/14: Cosmic Trigger Festival Talk

Bido lito, 21/11/14: Featured Interview: Daisy Campbell

Psy Press, 21/11/14: An Interview with Daisy Campbell

Greg Wilson, 18/11/14: The Gateway Drug

The Guardian, 18/11/14: Bill Drummond: the five lessons I learned from Ken Campbell

The Independent, 14/11/14: ‘Illuminatus!’ director’s daughter returns to play that gave her life

Liverpool Confidential, 24/10/14:
Nina Conti heads up Cosmic Trigger

Liverpool Confidential, 23/01/2014:
The Cosmic Trigger driving Miss Daisy