The cast & crew of Cosmic Trigger Play , taken by Andrew AB

Crew 2014

We are an independent theatre company with passion and vision. We produced this show for the love of Bob to give him the Cosmic Trigger he deserves.


Daisy Eris Campbell – Writer & Director
Michelle Watson – Conferestival Director
Dominic Search – General Manager & Webtech
Nadia Luijten – Stage Manager & Social Media
Claudia Boulton – Production & Popery
Nic Alderton – Production, Perks & Film
Polly Wilkinson – Graphic Art & Merchandise
Amoeba – Projections & Virals
Steve Fly – Music Director
Michelle Olley – PR & Galleria Discordia Curator


Padrigo Brown – Scenery & Props Maester
Larry Sidorczuk – Scenery & Props Builder
Mitch Davies – Scenery & Props Builder
Dominick Clementson – Sound Desk
Sadie Spencer – Lighting Desk
Chris Farncombe – Lighting Design
Josh Evans – Lights, Rigging, & Tech Dude
Nick Helweg-Larsen – Stage Hand & Film Curator
Glyn Evans – Stage Hands and Feet
Ian ‘Cat’ Vincent – magickal & ritual services
Dave Jones – Tactical & Emergency Services
Taus Larsen – Conferestival Assistant
Gregory Gurner – Captain of Liverpool Structures
Andy Lockwood – Transport & Stills Photography
Grant SuiCider Du Plessis – Galleria Co-Producer
Jonathan Swain – Art Custodian (Jamie Reid)
Chu – Leif Erickson Stage Art
Matt Baker Jones – Animator & Selves Art
Christian Wach – Website Design
Jonathan Greet – Stills Photography
Andrew AB – Stills Photography
Adam Clark – Stills Photography
Lee Isserow – Video Cameraman
Mark Bennett – 3D Filming
Bobby Campbell – Original Artwork
Gary Acord – Initial Web Hosting
Olivia Temple – Cast Party Hostess
News From Nowhere – Conferestival Bookstall
Immersive Theatres – Conferestival Digital Dome

Support From

LOST theatre, Everyman Playhouse, Camp and Furnace, South London Makerspace, Giani Fabricio, Christina ‘Karuna’ Wilson, Mike Shea, Bill Drummond, Jim Broadbent, Douglas Rushkoff, Matt Black, James Moores