Lee Ravitz

Characters In Cosmic Trigger Play

Kerry Thornley / George Dorn / Simon Moon

Character actor, sometime writer, ex-historian, Lee’s attainments have included penning radio plays for Timothy West and Prunella Scales, lecturing on 17th century poltergeists to the Society for Psychical Research, and crafting articles for The Guardian on dystopian overpopulation themes in 1970s science fiction. But you’re not interested in that; you’re here for the acting.

As an actor, feature roles include wannabe Bond villain Clem in PULP (a Brit comedy set on the comic book convention circuit – humiliated), cynic scientist Mike in Landing Lake (a sci-fi horror -disintegrated) and greedy plumber Barry in Cute Little Buggers (-mauled to death by rabbits).

He has a habit of portraying the mad, the raddled and the haplessly funny on stage, hence playing Kerry.

Hail Eris!