Ian ‘Cat’ Vincent

Magickal Ritual Services

Cat was born on the wrong side of the tracks in Gravesend, on the shore of the Thames, on Imbolc of 1964 of the Common Era. His life got weird (and Wyrd) rapidly after – a situation helped greatly by his reading of Crowley, Leary and other sorcerers before he was 10. Getting his hands on Robert Anton Wilson’s work around 13 cemented the deal: he grew up to be a professional combat magician (now mostly retired), urban shaman (marriages by request!) and a Fortean journalist.

His writing and spoken word appearances includes some of the earliest work about the Slenderman phenomenon, along with examinations of the influence of popular culture on religion, mysticism and magic. His writing has appeared in Fortean Times, the American college text Apocalyptic Imaginary and the Darklore anthologies, and he is a a contributing editor at The Daily Grail.

His first book, ‘New Gods and Monsters’, on the evolution of pop culture belief systems, will be published in late 2016 by Daily Grail Publishing. Cat is a Fellow of The Institute of Atemporal Studies and a founder of the Calder Arts Lab. He lives in Hebden Bridge, Yorkshire, and blogs at catvincent.com