Dominic Search

Dominic Search

Co-Producer (Love & Will)
Finance / Technical Director

Dominic has been involved since the beginning of the wonderful Discordian caper that is Cosmic Trigger, and was one of the mycelial threads that inspired Daisy to write the script.

He is a production manager and one-time photographer specialising in live events. He has a background as a technical consultant and project manager within social enterprises. He has studied Information Systems,  Strategic Management, and Egyptian hieroglyphs.

Dominic has been Technical Director at a specialist ISP during the first dotcom boom; IT Manager for a large reproductive healthcare charity; and an IT consultant to SMEs, NGOs, and the public sector.

He co-created the “dot coop” top-level Internet domain, and the first (solar powered) cyber cafe at Glastonbury Festival in 1995. He co-authored a book about not-for-profits use of the Internet; and a million pound business plan for a community waste reuse scheme in partnership with Kingston Council.

Dominic was co-organiser of Kingston Green Fair, the UK’s best known one-day family event focused on environmental sustainability; he co-managed The Synergy Project, the UK’s largest regular counter-cultural clubbing event (successor to The Warp Experience); and he co-launched a sustainability campaign in partnership with the Club of Budapest.

He was official photographer at Big Green Gathering, Glade Music Festival and at The Southwark Mysteries, the play by John Constable in which he also had a minor acting role.