John Horabin


John has produced writing, music, film and animation across a cosmic slew of identities- Writer and singer in first band AOS3, part of the free festival and political punk scene in the 1990’s, releasing 2 lp’s and several singles and touring widely – decamped to London, he co-founded P.A.I.N. and wrote most of the lyrics – who have gone onto cult notoriety on the Reggae Punk scene.

Splitting up further in 2001, He returned to an early love of film and video, particularly stop motion animation.

He has produced commercial and independent work in a wide range of animation genres, for screen and theatre and taught the skills of animation to hundreds. Stop motion is his passion, he is working on a major puppet animated story piece due for release in 2018.

John continues to refuse to commit to any one art exclusively, he finds greater synergy in being multi-discipline. So he sings, plays, writes, animates and skateboards mostly…

Theatre credits include: ‘At The End of Everything Else’ with Mark Arends ‘Make do and Mend’ at the Unicorn Theatre and touring.

Clients have included CSC media on projects for Lego, and Somethin’ Else productions for Channel 4.