Michelle Watson

Co-Producer (Love & Will)
Special Events Director

Michelle began her creative journey with an acting career, including work with The Natural Theatre Company in Ken Campbell’s The Warp and as John Constable’s Goose, in The Southwark Mysteries, performing in venues including Shakespeare’s Globe.

Inspired by Constable’s poetic form, she shifted her attention to writing, becoming Moksha: a respected spoken word artist on the London and festival circuit. She writes issue based plays for teenagers, which are performed by actors throughout the UK and has written a short film on self-harm that won an educational award.

Michelle is also a creative consultant for Bigfoot Arts Education and Brunel University’s Urban Scholars program and continues to work with young people suffering with mental health and behavioural issues.

She has assisted Daisy Campbell on many previous projects, including: The TAZ – a temporary autonomous zone in a disused Belsize Park cinema and The Questival – a three-day festival exploring human potential.

She was part of The Festival of Flight, which staged large scale benefit gigs, in London’s Scala, for Anti-Slavery International and the Stop the War Coalition.  For many years, she has also produced her own successful It’s a Thought Crime Cabarets at venues across London, including the 491 Gallery.

Most recently, she has returned to her first love: songwriting.   She has also fully given into her discordian nature. She co-produced the first run of Cosmic Trigger in 2014 and directed the Find the Others Liverpool Conferestival that ran alongside it. She was so happy to have found the others, she had to find more.