, taken by

Beccy Strong

Characters In Cosmic Trigger Play


Beccy is a documentary filmmaker and photographer. Her work has taken her to wild and far flung places and adventures. Some highlights have been working with elephants in Kenya, gorilla’s in Rwanda and piranha’s and Jaguars in the Amazon.

Lately she has been exploring the wild and far flung lands of the psyche and came upon Daisy Campbell at Port Eliot Festival. Daisy’s hair-raising and mind bending talk on Cosmic Trigger made Beccy’s body literally vibrate. This led to her casting as Ishtar, which came about as a fateful and cosmic accident.

This will be her first appearance on stage and she is both excited and trepidatious about moving away from the security of observing through the lens to standing (naked) in front of an audience. Luckily she has faith in the chaotic and divine beauty of life and the ultimate knowledge that it is too late to go back anyway.