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Claudia Egypt as The Goddess Eris , taken by Andrew AB

Seekers of the Cosmic Trigger

Hello Friends, Discordians, and all manner of wrong’uns,

Those of you who were at the night for the Late Great Robert Anton Wilson on the 23rd have already had a missive regarding my plans to crowd-fund Cosmic Trigger.

And Oh My Goddess

I’m blown away by your generosity.

I have received over £400 in £23s from which I have set up a theatre company, This Book Changed my Life Productions.

I have also received offers to help build a website, to do artwork and to host the website, as well as offers of filmmaking, projection, animation and editing expertise…

And looks like I’ve been invited to do another Cosmic Trigger event in Liverpool on January 23rd.

Those of you who are not up to speed, here’s a quick run-down: I’m adapting Robert Anton Wilson’s Cosmic Trigger for the stage, because Synchronicity has told me to. It’s all rather apt since my father adapted and staged Illuminatus and I was conceived backstage… The plan is to crowd-fund it, stick on a UK run, and from that raise enough money to do a tour of US Discordian Cabals. And to immanentise the eschaton (the good one).

The core will be professional and paid performers and theatre-makers;  whilst bit-parts, Mind-Fuck Operatives, Sirians and General Hullabaloo will be made up of our strange community of Discord, different every night.

So now we gotta:

  • Get a website up and running
  • Snuffle out those Wilsonians where-ever they may be – so if you have access to mailing lists, know of good websites, or know of any other Discordian portals please let me know.
  • Get those social media tarts tarting
  • Choose the best Crowdfunding site and prepare a campaign – any help with this hugely appreciated.
  • Gather photos, archive footage of Illuminatus, RAW, Thornley, Leary et al – all meat for the campaign
  • Make and edit films for the campaign – apparently these should be rolled out through out the funding window
  • Create a great logo and artwork for the campaign

Funds are still needed to make all this happen, but hold fire if you’d rather contribute once the official campaign goes live (hoping April 23rd).

To give your £23 now (or any multiple thereof) use this link:


In the meantime,

Hail Eris!

xx xxx Daisy