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Message To Bob

Become Part of the Cosmic Trigger Play: Send a Message to RAW from the Future… Have you ever wished you could tell Robert Anton Wilson something? Maybe what his writings and thoughts have meant to you? Or something like ‘thanks for that thing about ePrime’ or even just ‘thanks’ or ‘we love you, Bob’? If so, we would really appreciate your help!

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Newsflash! Cosmic Trigger Returns!

Great news, Seekers!   Robert Anton Wilson’s Cosmic Trigger The Play returns for a four week run in May 2017 at The Cockpit in London!   After many months of meetings, surveys, fundraisers and noodle-mangling form-filling – we have moved past the Judgement phase and — we now have FUN-ding! Hail Eris! Hail Arts Council […]

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Can you help us?

Can you help us get ‘The Play back on’ by taking part in a short ten question survey that might just be the tipping point to us being able to pull the Cosmic Trigger once again and blow more minds, just right?

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Get It On!

Happy 23rd. A few things to report since the last newsletter: Getting the play on…. Releasing the flying survey monkeys… Festival 23 is converging… and the Magical mystery tour. Fnordish reading 😉

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Fool’s Night Update

Massive thanks to everyone who trusted sufficiently in The Crazy to come along to The Gathering of the Cosmic Fools on November 23rd. So, we have celebrated The Fool archetype from whence all potty capers do materialise, and next up is The World (also known as The Universe). Because, as all good Discordians already know – the deepest occult knowledge of all is The Doctrine of the Reversed Tarot…

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Happy 23rd!

All Hail Discordians, Happy 23rd! The Mystery Threads are intersecting once more and the signs are everywhere. Only yesterday, on our way back from the 750-years-overdue consecration of Crossbones Graveyard, we found this…

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Got the T-Shirt?

Pope Polly’s been working away on your hand-printed TShirts! And I am packing up the first batch right now. If you haven’t ordered one – there are only 23 HOURS LEFT. Purchase yours HERE. I have absolutely no idea if they’ll ever be available again…

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Cosmic Trigger: The Trailer!

Since it’s the 23rd we thought we’d give you a special gift… da-da-daaa, the Cosmic Trigger trailer. Please give a warm Discordian V-sign to the fantabulous Nic Alderton who has snipped & snapped & flicked & twisted to bring you this glorious three-minute reminder of what you experienced, or what you missed. Also, it’s your last chance to get your Cosmic Trigger T-shirt…

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Photo Gallery now Online!

Let’s take a moment to hail Cosmic Dom – who built the website, budgeted the show, ordered many of the crowdfund perks, oversaw their postage, erected the *#@!* projection scaffold, had his shoulder wept upon, and indulged in many an all-nighter with a spreadsheet. All for the love of Bob and an occasional sandwich.

Now he’s been at it again – and updated the website to include a gorgeous gallery of pics by Jonathan Greet, a fantastic collaborators page (phew-eee, what a fine bunch) and many other tweaks and twiddles. Please take a look! Are you there grinning ear to ear, off your Discordian chops on Pure Bob?…

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