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Daisy Eris Campbell , taken by Andrew AB

Daisy talks about Cosmic Trigger

Hello you Discordian Popes, you,The link to the talk I gave hosted by the London Fortean Society and The Horse Hospital is now online, for your enjoyment.

Watch it here

Many thanks to those of you who’ve donated… So far I have used your cash to:

  • Set up a theatre company
  • Book myself on a crowd-funding masterclass
  • Partake of a hotdog (bunless, of course)
  • Start getting the fundraising film off the ground

The remaining money will go to the Wilson Estate to secure an option on the rights, so I really do need just a few more of your hard-earned bio-survival tickets to get the official crowdfunding campaign launched, complete with kick-ass fundraising film.

So I’m confiscating your Popedom until you cough up.

To give your £23 (or any multiple thereof) here’s the details: You’ll need to have a PayPal account. If you would rather BACS the money, just email me and I’ll send you the details.


Anyone who donates £23 pre-official-campaign will be on the guest list for the Grand Discordian opening night party (we’ll do one in the UK and one in the States) and when the official campaign goes live there’ll be all sorts of goodies on offer from parts in the show, to your face bursting out of an animated cosmic trigger, to signed photos, scripts, Royal box, a night out with Eris and her cohorts etc etc…

Shine on,
xx xxx Daisy

PS Whilst at the sacred city of Damanhur in Italy, I picked up their late founder Oberto Airaudi’s “Book of Synchronicity”. So I’m throwing the dice for all us Popes and…here’s what it says: “The importance of your presence and participation”. Oooo.