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Howard Ashley Storey as an American Shaman , taken by Andrew AB

Squeezing in the Pool of Life

And other Fine Messes

Happy 23rd! (just)

Firstly a quick update for the as-yet uninitiated:

Plan is to stage an adaptation of Cosmic Trigger by Robert Anton Wilson, with scenes from Illuminatus! woven through, as well as a dramatised peek backstage at the original Liverpool production (directed by my dad, Ken Campbell). To be funded by crowd, staged by enthusiasts and encircled within a festival of Higher Intelligence. We’ve had a successful read-through of the first draft, done a talk with some scenes WATCH HERE and folk have started sending in money, despite not yet launching an official crowd-funding campaign…

And when you send in your £23 or $23 you will also become a Discordian Pope. And if you’re already a Discordian Pope, then I’m excommunicating you until you cough up. Right, consider yourself initiated.

Hello Popes,

A bunch of us are Liverpool-bound for another Discordian Jamboree. It’d be a joy to see you there!

Here’s the blurb:

Time to Pull the Cosmic Trigger?

AirSpace Gallery, 45-61 Duke Street,Liverpool, L1 5A

Sunday, February 23rd, 4pm

Come and join the Discordians Heaven-bent on resurrecting the ideas of Robert Anton Wilson, co-author of Illuminatus!

  • Fresh dispatches from John Higgs, author of “The KLF – Chaos, Magic and the Band that Burned a Million Pounds”, with his talk: “I Blame Liverpool”.
  • Never-before-seen filmed interview with Alan Moore, discussing all matters RAW.
  • Daisy Eris Campbell brings us up-to-date on the synchronic forces aligning in her mission to stage Cosmic Trigger
  • Includes scenes from the play, with music, magick, puppetry, projections – and acting.

If you want to help us pull the Cosmic Trigger, there is nowhere else to be.

You can reserve your place HERE and it’s £5 on the door. It’s a good idea to reserve, but please don’t unless you really are coming, otherwise well, it will be chaos – and we wouldn’t want that 😉

And please let folk know!

Thanks yous

Many thanks to all of you who volunteered your time to do some research for me. And even more thanks to Roman and Jlyte, who delivered! (Only teasing, I’m sure the rest of you are beavering away, down a cosmic fun-hole of bizarre inquiry – I look forward to seeing the results).

Thanks to everyone in Liverpool – Greg, Paul, Paddy, Larry, Nicki, Angie, Tom et al for making it such a magical day on Monday. Can’t wait to see what you guys come up with for the 23rd.

Ta, Shelle.

Big thanks to those of you who’ve donated your £/$23s – it’s what’s made this Liverpool escapade possible, which should in turn help immanentize the es-Show-ton (seamless).


Help Needed

The next hurdle (or initiation), following the Liverpool do, is to make sure the crowd-funding campaign ignites like a bastard – CROWD FUND LAUNCHES APRIL 23RD

As some of you will know, I plan to offer the following (amongst many other things) as rewards to those who donate money within the official campaign:

An exclusive, never-before-heard interview with Shea and Wilson backstage at the NT

Ken Campbell box-set of video recordings of his one-man-shows – not previously available!

The audio recording of the original LIVERPOOL Illuminatus! production

So – help-wise:

  • Can you design beautiful packaging for the above?
  • Can you edit the above and add nice titles and whatnot?
  • Can you help burn CDs/DVDs?
  • Do you have any other recordings/photos/memorabilia that could be copied and offered as rewards?
  • Do you have any other genius ideas of rewards we could offer?
  • Could you record yourself wishing us the best with raising the money, and include a RAW or Ken anecdote?
  • Do you know other people who should darn well be on this mailing list, but may not yet be so?


Donating before we launch the crowd-funding campaign will get you on the guest list to an exclusive after-show party – only available to the Inner Circle of early supporters.




All Hail Discordia!

xx xxx Daisy