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Fives Meditation

Frabjous Fnords!

Time for the final push! But in a magickal way… Read before clicking through!

It is time to prove, or disprove, the power of the human mind by a subtle, sophisticated and entirely unscientific experiment.

In the last days, we want to use your mind, if you have one, to meditate upon success.

Here’s how:

Checking the total and how long we have left, you’ll see that everything complies with Law Of Fives and that there’s not much in it. You’ll also see our top tier perk is the Mu, the mythical transformative whole in which is contained the parts. Our goal is 23,000. The Mu perk is 23,000. Obviously, none but The Fool would actually buy the Mu perk, however it’s there to draw us towards success.

To conduct this experiment:

  1. Clear your mind, if you have one
  2. Head to our Mu-ditation video
  3. Concentrate on the 23 second video, picturing the number 5 whilst chanting ‘Mu’
  4. If you feel ridiculous doing this, that will enhance the effects
  5. If you have a pair, the wearing of your Rainbow Knickers upon your head during this ritual is entirely appropriate.

Feel free to take photos and tweet / share them with the hashtags #CosmicTrigger and #WhoWillMu

Prepare yourself. Remind yourself of the Law Of Fives. If you have been in-knick-i-ated, collect them. Clear your mind. Then head over to the video:

Do this with friends! Do it tomorrow too! Do it on Friday with a bunless hot-dog! Come on. It’s Wednesday. What else are you doing?