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Four Days to Go

All Hail Discordians,

Ooo it’s getting exciting now. We have four days to go and are 81% of the way. That’s £4291 needed to reach our target at the time of writing…

Now, you might be thinking –‘that’s pretty good going, that’ll do em’. But, what you may not know is this: if we don’t hit the target, Indiegogo will take 9% of all funds raised. Don’t let them take your hard-earned biosurvival tickets!


*Win a FULL set of 24 Selves cards, a Cosmic Trigger t-shirt in your size, any one DVD of your choice, plus a special papal mention in our programme, and shout-out on Twitter and FB!!*

For the final days of our CosmicTrigger Crowdfunding campaign, we will be holding a referral contest. We are asking you to help us spread the word and reach our target, and the person out there that refers the most people to our #Indiegogo campaign at the very end, will be our winner!

How do I refer people you ask? It’s simple! If you go to our crowd funding homepage, you will see 3 clickable share tools underneath our homepage video (Facebook, Twitter and Google+). Click on these over these next few days to share them with everyone you know. You have the option to share on your FB timeline or Twitter page, someone else’s FB timeline, in a private message, or even to specific groups (tip: FB groups on related topics often trigger more traffic! 😉

IMPORTANT: You MUST be logged into an Indiegogo account, which is FREE to create!

If Bob has created a positive impact in your life in any way, shape or form, please honour him, and help us to maximise our reach so that we can blow your minds just right, and others can find out about his ideas too!

Good luck! Winner to be announced on July 13.

xx xxx Daisy