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Perks & Festie Annoucement

All Hail Discordians,

Yes, Cosmic Ones, yes.

The perks are almost ready and should start to wend their way early September (Eris willing). Congratulations to Tom Jackson who won our Crowdfunding Referral Competition.

The Find the Others Festival is coming along marvellously and we can announce that it will be held on 22nd/23rd of November at Camp and Furnace in Liverpool.

There will be enlightening speakers on The Cosmic Stage, Magick rituals on he Village Green, cautionary yet weirdly inspiring tales in Chapel Perilous, wild talents in The Avant Garden, brain-growing in The Maybe Logic Academy Dome, rare films and recordings in The Welles Cinema, simulated psychedelic trips in The Lilly Pod, pineal-poking art in Galleria Discordia and Papal Ball preparations in Kallisti Costume Corner. And all this under cover without the slightest chance of a drop of rain…

The play will be performed in the midst of all this top-quality chaos, subsequently transferring for a week’s run at Lost Theatre in London.

And all this has been made possible by your generous donations. Good Discordians!

We hope to have tickets on sale late September, meanwhile watch the skies. Listen for transmissions.

Toodle Pip,
xx xxx Daisy