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All Hail Discordians,

Happy 23rd!


…but only with all your incredible support! We are thrilled to report that there is a lot of love for Bob out there, and the particular strand of magick that he tapped into is still alive and well…

Thank you O Frabjous Fnords

Some of you helped by generously donating to our crowd-fund; some with actual blood, sweat and tears; some by performing/ speaking/ exhibiting in The Cosmic Trigger Experience; and many by turning up to see the show and get your trigger pulled proper. We thank you all.

Been there,  done that,  got the T-Shirt??

We are planning another run of Cosmic Trigger T-shirts (as proudly sported by Oliver Senton, above). If you would like one, please reply to so we can order the right amount (no T-shirt wasters, please). They will retail at £15, and the money will go towards re-filling the Cosmic Coffers.

Future Triggers

We are currently exploring all sorts of Cosmic tentacles – and hope to be announcing some very exciting news soon… For more information, consult your pineal gland (and we might email in case).

Meanwhile, Keep on Triggerin’

xx xxx Daisy