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Fanatic Supplement

Hagbard’s Salon

All Hail Discordians,

A quick update on all matters Cosmic:


The crowdfund is now over 50% and we have 19 days to go! You Popes have been wonderfully generous and The Apple Corps thank you from our chaos-riddled hearts…

BUT, as PerkMeister Nic writes, “there are people out there who don’t even know that they want a DVD of Alan Moore’s insight into the disembodied realms of the Illuminati, or a back catalogue of Ken’s greater stage shows, or a signed piece of iconic punk art from Jamie Reid’s very own hand. Yet, they are longing for these things. And you, dear Popes, are the only way they are going to find out about them. Go forth, and PREACH!”


We have a forthcoming live event on Monday June 23rd – next Monday in fact – at The October Gallery. We are calling it Hagbard’s Salon. This is a chance for those who haven’t yet been initiated to see a scene from the play, hear this caper’s backstory, and generally be converted to the cause. For this reason, we are asking that if you have attended one of our live events before, you must bring a potential neophyte…

Spaces severely limited.


Many of you on this list are cherished seed-funders who donated to our caper before we launched the official crowd-fund with all its various lovely perks. And to let you know how much we love you, we have arranged for an seed-funders’ exclusive perk that no-one else will ever be able to get their hands on, a six page Fanatic Supplement created for the original production of Illuminatus… Just email with your name and address if you donated at least £23 before May 23rd.

Fanatic Supplement
Fanatic Supplement

Cosmically yours,
xx xxx Daisy