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Fanatic Supplement

Hagbard’s Salon

The crowdfund is now over 50% and we have 19 days to go! BUT, as PerkMeister Nic writes, “there are people out there who don’t even know that they want a DVD of Alan Moore’s insight into the disembodied realms of the Illuminati, or a back catalogue of Ken’s greater stage shows, or a signed piece of iconic punk art from Jamie Reid’s very own hand. Yet, they are longing for these things. And you, dear Popes, are the only way they are going to find out about them. Go forth, and PREACH!”

We have a forthcoming live event on Monday June 23rd… and we have something very special to send to our cherished seed-funders…

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Claudia Egypt as The Goddess Eris , taken by Jonathan Greet

Cosmic Trigger Launch Party 23/05

The Launch Party for our Crowd Fund Operation, at which you will receive instruction on how to pull your own cosmic trigger from Eris herself, along with cabaret, ritual and all manner of mayhem. If you want to help pull the cosmic trigger, there is nowhere else to be. Bring your own weirdness. Dress Cosmic.

Operative Passes severely limited: BOOK to reserve your place. Free entry, donate to crowd fund instead (which you can do there).

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