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Daisy talks about Cosmic Trigger

Daisy Eris Campbell , taken by Andrew AB

Hello you Discordian Popes, you,The link to the talk I gave hosted by the London Fortean Society and The Horse Hospital is now online, for your enjoyment. Watch it here Many thanks to those of you who’ve donated… So far I have used your cash to: Set up a theatre company Book myself on a […]

Seekers of the Cosmic Trigger

Claudia Egypt as The Goddess Eris , taken by Andrew AB

Hello Friends, Discordians, and all manner of wrong’uns, Those of you who were at the night for the Late Great Robert Anton Wilson on the 23rd have already had a missive regarding my plans to crowd-fund Cosmic Trigger. And Oh My Goddess I’m blown away by your generosity. I have received over £400 in £23s […]