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Cosmic Perk-Me-Up

Yeah! , taken by Dominic Search

We did it! Our crowd-fund campaign successfully surpassed its target on July 4th!

Was it the Mu ritual that many of your undertook with your rainbow knickers on your head? Was it Cosmic Coincidence Control Centre nudging the right Superstars to the right place at the right time? Was it the bizarre acts of ArtMagick undertaken? Or was it simply the incredible generosity and enthusiasm so many of you have shown? *yes, that*

Fives Meditation

Frabjous Fnords!

Time for the final push! But in a magickal way… It is time to prove, or disprove, the power of the human mind by a subtle, sophisticated and entirely unscientific experiment. In the last days, we want to use your mind, if you have one, to meditate upon success. Here’s how…

Four Days to Go

, taken by

Ooo it’s getting exciting now. We have four days to go and are 81% of the way. That’s £4291 needed to reach our crowdfund target… Now, you might be thinking – ‘that’s pretty good going, that’ll do em’. But, what you may not know is this: if we don’t hit the target, Indiegogo will take 9% of all funds raised. Don’t let them take your hard-earned biosurvival tickets!

To help you help us reach our target, we have a competition for you…

Hagbard’s Salon

Fanatic Supplement

The crowdfund is now over 50% and we have 19 days to go! BUT, as PerkMeister Nic writes, “there are people out there who don’t even know that they want a DVD of Alan Moore’s insight into the disembodied realms of the Illuminati, or a back catalogue of Ken’s greater stage shows, or a signed piece of iconic punk art from Jamie Reid’s very own hand. Yet, they are longing for these things. And you, dear Popes, are the only way they are going to find out about them. Go forth, and PREACH!”

We have a forthcoming live event on Monday June 23rd… and we have something very special to send to our cherished seed-funders…

Crowd Fund Launched

Operation Mind Fuck Operatives , taken by Nic Alderton

An Update for The Cosmically Enthused All Hail Discordians, THE CROWD FUND IS OPEN! 31 DAYS LEFT… Launched amidst the gloriously potty night which was The Meeting of the MindFuck Operatives on 23/5, and already 38% of the way there, our Indiegogo crowdfund campaign is now well and truly open… DONATE HERE! I know that […]