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Fool’s Night Update

Massive thanks to everyone who trusted sufficiently in The Crazy to come along to The Gathering of the Cosmic Fools on November 23rd. So, we have celebrated The Fool archetype from whence all potty capers do materialise, and next up is The World (also known as The Universe). Because, as all good Discordians already know – the deepest occult knowledge of all is The Doctrine of the Reversed Tarot…

Nothing Really Matters

The Magickal Significance of Zero – a talk by Dominic Search given at our Gathering of The Cosmic Fools event on 23rd November 2015.

Happy 23rd!

All Hail Discordians, Happy 23rd! The Mystery Threads are intersecting once more and the signs are everywhere. Only yesterday, on our way back from the 750-years-overdue consecration of Crossbones Graveyard, we found this…