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Cosmic Clarity

It’s almost exactly a year ago since I publicly announced my intention to stage Cosmic Trigger – and blow me down… it’s really happening! Rehearsals began on Monday (with the Black Mass scene and Bob’s first trip – we thought we’d ease ourselves in gently). So in four weeks time we welcome you to The Cosmic Trigger Experience in Liverpool, and shortly afterwards for five shows in London […]

Kerry Thornley

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Over the coming weeks we’re going to be profiling some of the characters you’ll be enjoying in the Cosmic Trigger play. We thought it apt to begin with Kerry Thornley because we will be holding a PUBLIC AUDITION in Liverpool on 23rd October for the part of Kerry Thornley, co-founder of the Church of Discordia. Kerry was one of the 1960 Counterculture’s most fascinating characters…

Tickets on Sale

All Hail Discordians, Tickets for Cosmic Trigger are now on sale! – Yes, Cosmic Boys and Girls, the time is here to secure your tickets for the Greatest Show on Planet World. Visit our website for details of how to book –

Perks & Festie Annoucement

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Yes, Cosmic Ones, yes.

The perks are almost ready and should start to wend their way early September (Eris willing). Congratulations to Tom Jackson who won our Crowdfunding Referral Competition.

The Find the Others Festival is coming along marvellously and we can announce that it will be held on 22nd/23rd of November at Camp and Furnace in Liverpool […]