Liver Erikson by Jimmy Cauty


The programme for the Discordian Papal Ball and the Find The Others conferestival in Liverpool
on 22-23 November 2014.


Discordian Papal Ball

Potty merriment after the play

Sat 22/11/14, 8pm – 2:23am

Horton Jupiter (dj set)
Michael Brunström (comedic improv)
Liverpool Impropriety (walkabout)
Nina Conti (ventriloquist)
TC Lethbridge (band)
Youth (dj set)



Find The Others Conferestival

A celebration of Robert Anton Wilson

Sun 23/11/14, 11:23am – 23:23pm (and beyond)


Speakers’s Corner

RAW Discourse

Prof. Robert Temple, Robin Ince, Adam Gorightly,
John Higgs, Greg Sams, John ‘Dolphin’ Allen, C J Stone,
Dr. David Luke, Daisy Eris Campbell, Thomas Calderbank
Plus panel discussion on
“The Legacy and the Lessons from Cosmic Trigger”


Trigger Stage

Musical Interludes & Vocal Lunacy

ShamanArchy (band), Cosmic Trigger (band),
Kin (D&B dj), Jeff Young (23 enigma),
Steve Fly (dj set), Matt Baker Jones (dj set),
GREG WILSON (dj set)


Galleria Discordia

Magick art in picture and voice

Curated by: Michelle Olley

Art by: Jamie Reid, Jimmy Cauty,
Yap, Doris, Jonathan Greet, Billy Chainsaw,
Douglas Pledger, Matt Baker-Jones

Poetry by: Yap, Salena Godden, Dave Pepper


Avant Garden

Weird and wonderful wild performances

Jacqueline Genie (“Do You Come Here Often?”)
Claudia Boulton (“The Curse of The House of Atreus”)
John Constable (shamanic performance poetry)
Tom Baker (music/performance)
Bang Crosby (performance)


Chapel Perilous

To be entered at your peril!

Hosted by: Claudia Boulton, Lisa Lovebucket,
Horton Jupiter, Sugar Plum Visionary

Sermons by: The Counsel ov Testifiers


Maybe Logic Dome

Immersive audio-visual experiences

Programming by: Steve Fly Agaric 23
Digital dome provided by: Immersive Theatres

Treats from: David McConville; Bobby Campbell; Youth
Alan Moore; Deep Leaf Productions; Coldcut
Maybe Logic Academy Faculty; Morley Markson; and more


The Caravans

Intimate eclectic happenings

Lilly Pod by Craig Inglis
The Quack Doctor by Irving Rappaport
Thee Cosmic Giggle Questionnaire by Glyn Evans


The Hagbar

Wine, song, and illuminating silliness

Music by: Oddur, Del Sloan
Illuminati pub quiz by: Larry Sidorczuk


RAW Cinema

Wilson-related film & talk throughout the weekend
Lovingly curated by Nick Helweg-Larsen
Talks by: Alistair Fruish, Dr. David Bramwell
Performance by: Adrian Reynolds

Films from: Robert Anton Wilson (Interview 2001 /
Maybe Logic / Wilhelm Reich in Hell / and more);
Ken Campbell; Antero Ali; Alan Moore; Kate Bush; […]


Rituals & Workshops

Honouring, celebrations, and explorations

Rupert & Claire Callender (ritual), John Crow (ritual), Seani Fool (workshop), Greg Donaldson (workshop), Jesael Pema Varela (therapy)



Improvisation, fun, games and messing about

Liverpool Impropriety, Headstrung Puppet Cabaret, Caustic Widows, Some Hairee Kuntz



Book stall, Cosmic paraphernalia, Love potions,
Licensed bar, and Great food